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Full Body Massage

Therapeutic massage for major body parts. Relax, unwind & breathe a little deeper. Using a variety of massage techniques to warm, loosen & release areas of overuse of discomfort. Promoting circulation, lowering heart-rate, increasing mobility, & lessening overall discomfort. 

​85 minutes - $110

55 minutes - $80


Cupping Massage

Therapeutic massage for major body parts, incorporating 1 or more massage cups to assist with circulation. Helps with pain, inflammation & areas of discomfort. The suction lifts stagnate blood to the surface of the skin & toxins exit out via the lymphatic system. Cupping also know to assist relief in congestion, asthma, digestion, anxiety, scars, stretch marks & relaxation. Gliding technique most popular.

85 minutes - $125

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Dry Brush Massage

Therapeutic massage for major body parts, incorporating a dry brush- exfoliating dead skin cells. One of the most relaxing massage sessions ever. Benefits include stimulating the nervous system, detoxifying the skin, feeling mor energized & leaving with softer skin. Best results pre-shower & with untreated skin.

85 minutes - $115


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Full Body Massage with Gua Sha

Therapeutic massage for major body parts, incorporating a gua sha tool. Gua Sha means scraping in Chinese. By applying pressure & scraping the skin to relive pain & tension, the skin may bruise lightly which will appear purple or red spots called petechiae (sha). Extremities only at this time.

85 minutes - $115


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​​Chair Massage

Experience a mini massage in the chair & get up feeling recharged, lighter & more relaxed. Popular among those on the go, new to massage & who prefer to stay clothed. Massaging the neck, back & forearms tend to be the most requested areas needing attention.

10 minutes - $20

25 minutes - $45


Just Feet

Kick back & reset your walk with a mini massage on just your feet. Great when you work on your feet all day, have a short lunch break or are getting another service done at Sage!

10 minutes - $20

Just Neck

Slept funny? Staring at the computer or down at your smartphone too long? Schedule a mini massage on just your neck. our Just Neck massage combines stretching & specialized techniques aimed at relieving tension & tightness.

10 minutes - $20


Just the Arms/Shoulder/Neck

Mini massage targeting the muscles in your arms, shoulder & neck. Increasing mobility & bringing circulation to areas often overused. Common request from first responders, athletes & industries with a lot of hand-eye coordination (technology, veterinary, music, administrative, beauty professionals, educators, seasonal, etc).

25 minutes - $45

Just the Feet/Neck/Head

Mini massage on just the feet, neck & scalp for those who want a little relaxation & to feel lighter on their feet. Most popular mini massage among men.

25 minutes - $45


Kids (5-15 year olds)

Mini Massage for kids who can calm themselves in a quiet setting. Parent must be present during session. Wiggles & giggles are welcome during this stretching, lighter pressured mini massage.

10 minutes - $20


Sweet 16 (16-20 year olds)

Mini Massage for the school aged who may have an interested in seeking massage for relaxation, stress relieve, muscle tension, mental heaviness, or self care. Great intro for first massage. Will make them feel at ease & customize based on their level of comfort.  Parent prepay if under 18 years old.

25 minutes - $45



Corporate Chair Massages (at location or on site)

Customize the experience for your team, staff, employees, managers, clients, or customers on site in the convenience of your office or my location if you work remotely.

Prices & availability upon request


Special Event Chair Massages (at location or on site)

Enhance just about any special event with mini massages for your guests, family, neighbors, friends, in-laws, reunions, showers, game day, gno, bunco, chilifest, get together.

Prices & availability upon request

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

To avoid a cancellation fee, please allow at least 48 hours advance notice to either reschedule or to cancel.  Appointments cancelled within 24-48 hours of appointment will be charged a $25 fee. Same day cancellation or failure to show will be charged a fee of $50. Please understand that we will try our best to accommodate appointment requests and work with you to reschedule when needed.

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