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Relaxing Massage


Welcome to Massage My Coworkers! My name is Amy Gomoluch & I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Illinois since 2016.  I graduated from Cortiva Institute & immediately started working in the field at a chiropractic office in Barrington called Chirofit. I had the pleasure of gaining clinical experience learning from the doctors & staff, with a lot of hands-on techniques. In 2017, I started working in the Spa Department at Midtown Athletic Club in Palatine where I collaborated with the fitness staff & incorporated clinical techniques with many of the clients. During the summer of 2020 I returned to a Chirpratic setting at Life Balance in LaGrange.


Prior to becoming a licensed massage therapist I held various professions in many industries (Music Industry, Advertising, Veterinary Medicine and Retail). I also have an active background including sports, kayaking, dance/choreogrphy and animal rescue. As an overall active person and dedicated mother, I take great pride in learning to understand my clients, their needs and how to make the most of their sessions with me.

My goal is to make you feel better when you leave the table than you did before you arrived. It’s that simple. Everyone has a different intention why they seek out massage- some for pain, discomfort or a knot that just won’t go away. Others for overuse of the same muscle group from repetitive movements from sports, work, school, lifestyle at home, seasonal chores & holiday meals . Many from mental heaviness & how it is affecting their energy, tightness of muscles, or emotions buried. And of course there are those who seek massage for selfcare period.
In February 2022 Massage My Coworkers opened in Kildeer, Illinois.  The concept of providing mini massage to employees at any office setting was put on hold in December 2019 after undergoing major knee surgery. Three months later the world shut down & massage was not an essential job. From May 2020 until February 2022, like many industries, I slowly started to rebuild but just taking a detour until more industries started implementing a hybrid workweek.  And so, here we are- Massage My Coworkers is at location where you can come in for a full body massage, mini massage-great for lunch break or when you are working remotely or on-site where you can become your boss’ favorite employee by hiring me to bring my massage chair & turn you all into more productive workers!

Volunteer Experience: I was part of the 2015 & 2016 Chicago Marathon as a massage therapist for runners. In June 2019 & September 2021 I offered chair massages at the Palatine PD Boosters 5K event.


Licensed Massage Therapist

"My favorite massage session is when a client moves better, visibly moving better. Sometimes it may take a couple sessions. But there is nothing better than seeing someone lighter on their feet, walking taller, or smiling bigger."




​​“I’ve been a client for many years. Started coming for various issues, calf cramps, plantar fasciitis, chronic shoulder pain, and lower back pain from herniated disc. Sometimes I also just need a relaxing massage. I’ve had massages all over the world during my travels and in medical and chiropractic offices and Amy is the best therapist I’ve ever had. She listens and employs various techniques to address any issues I’m looking to resolve. I walk out relaxed, refreshed and pain free. I’m especially impressed with her cupping equipment and techniques. I highly recommend her services. ”


- Diane

​​“I've had so much stress from work that I needed to find a way to just release the tension and relax. Thank you Amy for helping me, your techniques and overall massage was amazing, I'll be back!”


- Miguel

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